A season to give for a worthy cause

  • EPATHHere is a worthy cause. East Palto Teen Home (EPATH) is a home for young teenage girls, many of them are disconnected from their family. EPATH is a safe place where they are protected, educated, and assisted in moving forward with their lives. Click --> http://evite.me/puKrSssZae to donate.
    This is the season you can bring hope, change and prosperity to the young young teenage girls at EPATH. This is the moment you can choose a worthy cause and learn how to have a change of heart. Time to be a beacon of loving kindness. Don't just IMAGINE. Simply, notice the gifts of life in this moment as you choose this worthy cause by finding it in your heart to help EPATH with a reliable transportation. Click <Here> to help...
    Your donation will directly impact the lives of young women and children in the California foster care system in a positive way.
    With your help in providing reliable transportation to EPATH, our girls will be able to:
    • Engage in healthy and productive activities;
    • Engage in educational and economic opportunities;
    • Participate in unique East Palo Alto experiences; and
    • Connect and re-unite with supportive friends & family.
    We are asking for your help in the form of a $50 donation for a $15,000 on a reliable source of transportation. Our hope is that we will be able to purchase a vehicle ASAP.
    Waves of gratitude for considering bringing more Love and more Kindness into the community that we are helping to shape. 

    Windsor Lindor
    EPATH Board of Directors
    President - Chairman

    To donate or the the click donate button @ http://evite.me/puKrSssZae