Tip Tuesday: 7 Tips for Planning a Wedding By Yourself

  • Planning a wedding by yourself can be a full time job, but it can also save you money for your big day. If you are an organized and determined guy or gal it can be done. Are you willing to try?

    On my big day I didn't have an event planner, what I did have was a lot of courage and patients and a husband that kept reminding me it is about Us. 


    Here are 7 tips I created to help you plan your own wedding!

    1. Set a budget. It is always good to set your budget a bit higher so that you do not have any last minute expense surprises.

    2. Share you goals and work load with your fiance or maid of honor. You do not have to do it alone. My husband helped me, and even though there were some rough patches we survived. Planning really tested our teamwork, but the result was so fulfilling. 

    2. Stay on top of deadlines. I went to my local library and found a couple books on what should be done and when. There were ones for 6 months planning, 1 year planning and even 2 years. Find the best one that speaks to your needs and plan out a time when the most important things will be done staying on top of those deadlines.  

    3. Decide on the print work. Are you creative enough to make the save the dates, invitations, and pamphlet yourself! Or, if you are going to hire someone to do the design and printing work make sure to see their past work. Remember if you make it yourself, you might be saving a lot of money, but spending more time on creating. I created all of my wedding designs and printed them myself, but it took a lot of work and it was like having a full time job. 

    4. Contracts from vendors. Make sure to get contracts and confirmed prices signed from all vendors, you never know if a vendor might not show. However, if you get a contract sign you definitely will feel at ease.

    5. Guest List. Have a list of all the people you are going to invite with their addresses in one excel file. When they finally RSVP mark a Yes or No along with number a guests on your excel sheet. This helped me out so much, especially because we had a different guest list for the wedding shower(only close friends and immediate family), ceremony, reception and after the big day brunch. 

    7. Breathe. No matter how the wedding ends, all that truly matter is for you and your newly-wed husband to have a wonderful time and memory tying the knot!


    We did it! I hope you can too!

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