How Do You Stand Out?

  • Do you ever wonder how different it is for each person to stand out from a crowd. I think everyone has their own unique way.


    I took a seminar a while ago that talked about standing out with arms open wide. I find this so true, not many people come to others with arms open wide. To be vulnerable and trusting in our society can be seen as almost impossible. However, if you trust that God will keep you safe while you are helping and trusting others no harm will come your way. There were many times I went into different communities with my AOW(Arms Open Wide). I helped people who needed it most no matter where or how they lived. After Hurricane Katrina I helped people rebuild, in Mexico I helped rebuild a church that was ruined by a gang group. And before I ever moved to California I volunteered in South LA and helped the community with orphans and former gang members raising money to live a different life. The biggest way I stand out is with AOW. When I meet someone they feel a sense of care and goodness. If you live with only good intentions I believe it is seen by just a glance.


    Another way I stand out is not letting things discourage me. Even if I get hurt I get back up. I try to see things from a different angle and try to see what other obstacles I can overcome. This way, no matter what is thrown at me I will be able to tackle it with an open mind that has no restrictions.


    When you live with the intent to be used BY God FOR God's purpose, you walk with courage because of His promise to see you through whatever He brings you to. That's a purpose worth living for!


    How do you stand out?