• When it comes to modeling, with confidence and punctuality it can be accomplished.

    6 Quick modeling tips before your first photoshoot:

    1. Never be late, arriving five to ten minutes early gives a great first impression especially if you are coming camera ready (hair and makeup done).
    2. Research and practice your poses. Get comfortable practicing in front of a mirror. Study others’ poses and see which ones work best for your body type, and put your own style in each one.
    3. Always think head to toes. When posing, make every limb have a purpose.
    4. Never stare meaninglessly when posing. A good tip is creating a story in your mind that creates some intensity. For example, think the camera is your old-time friend you get to meet for the first time in so long. Each click from the camera should have a slightly different feel and adjustment.
    5. Bring your own unique personality through when you pose.
    6. Turn on your favorite jams! The best way to loosen up on a phothoot is bring your favorite music. Each song will bring out a fresh look.

    Always remember the more you study and practice modeling the better you will be!