Keeping Your Spirits Up

  • If all of us had our choice, we would always want to be in our happy comfort zone.  That is a wonderful place to be and we all want that.  We need to learn not to be so hard on ourselves when we don't feel that our spirits are where they should be. 

    Keeping our spirits up is something that we need to consciously strive for, but again, understand that there are going to be days or moments that we feel better than others.  I will never forget something that will stick in my mind forever:  one time when I was at the doctor getting my yearly exam my doctor explained to me that nobody feels good every day, not even him.

    We need to embrace ourselves when we are happy, sad or whatever the case may be.  We need to enjoy what we enjoy and can stay on the right path by always realizing that not only are we human, but we have a supernatural Father in heaven that created this universe that we live in who also loves us, understands us and created us to live life with gratitude and fully embrace that beautiful thing called living.