On my walk today


    On My Walk Today:  

    Today on my walk, I reflected on something that I thought was really funny that happened the other day.  Please forgive the morbid undertone of my story.
    I was thinking very deep the other day about what will happen with my body after I pass away. I know my spirit will be in heaven, but for some reason I was thinking about my appearance in my coffin.  I asked my husband Reggie, "Sweetheart, would you please make sure that my hair and makeup are done the way I like it and I have a cute outfit on.  Why was I even thinking about that?  That's not a very pleasant thing to think about, but for some reason my mind was going there.
    After I asked my husband to make sure that my makeup and hair where done the way I like it, this was his response to me: I will make sure it's done the way you like it because I am going to do it for you.
    I immediately was so shocked and all I could think was OMG - that would be my worst thought of him doing my makeup and hair.  Then it struck me so funny that I could not stop laughing...one of those times when you can not quit laughing...we have all been there.  You want to, but you can't stop.
    All of the sudden, I looked up at my husband, he looked so sad.  At that point, I realized he was really serious.  I felt bad because I was laughing.  It dawned on me that this could have been a very beautiful moment because he really meant it.
    I was feeling terrible because I thought I hurt his feelings on such a heart-felt gesture on his part.  He was a good sport about it and all is well, and you know what?   It's wonderful to know that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.  I know I will be in good hands whoever does my makeup and hair.
    When I was taking my walk today, I starting thinking about it again and I must admit that it still makes me giggle a bit, but it also makes me realize how blessed I am.


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  • Tammy Scofield
    Tammy Scofield Krista knowing Reggie the way I do, I knew instantly that he was serious when he said he would do your hair and make up when that time came. You would look fabulous no matter who does it but what a loving thought to know that your husband would want that...  more
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