Reflections of a day

  • Today is Sept 6 2016


    I am sitting here in a very special place.  It's in the middle of my one mile walk that I do each day.  It's a beautiful place that I have found to sit and reflect and give thanks to God.

    Today's topic:  Thinking more deeply {When someone steals your parking spot}

    Please come to and share some reflections from YOUR day that may be good for others.


    We wake up each day knowing that we have a full day of living ahead of us.  Some days are planned with scheduled appointments and some days are basic errand days.  We also have days that are wide open. As we start out  the door to face the world, there is a plethora of things and situations that can affect how we feel about our day and can affect our attitudes.

    For instance, something just as simple as someone taking your parking space that they had no right to take because you had been waiting there first with your blinker on for some time waiting for the other car to pull out.   This just happened to me today. This guy steals my parking spot that I had been waiting for with my blinker on.  My first reaction is I was pretty ticked.  This was a very busy parking lot and I must have circled around ten times looking for a spot.  Any how, I had a choice:  I could have started to let it ruin my day, or I could decide to think more deeply.


    He seemed in such a rush.  The question I asked myself was why was I so angry at that guy who stole my spot?  He was heading into the grocery store that was next to the bank. Maybe he had a sick child at home...or a sick wife and needed to buy some medicine in a hurry. Or maybe he was late to a meeting or an appointment and needed to grab something quickly.  Who knows?  We know that feeling of desparation when we are in a hurry for any reason.

    The key was putting myself in his shoes.  That changed everything for me.

    At that point, I felt my anger begin to leave me.  I began to feel a positive sense for my day again and felt stronger as a person.  Just think:  If I had started an argument with that guy who stole my spot, which I really felt like doing at that time, oh how that could have changed my whole day.  It could have fell into a negative, dark spot.  I began to feel very happy that I was not going to have any regrets on over-reacting on something so small.

    I finally found another spot.  As I made my way into the bank, this very polite gentleman that was ahead of me stopped and said "You first."  That meant more to me that he will ever know! LOL

    Beautiful things I see on my walk


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