The Power of Power

  • The Power of Power.

    What kind of power are we talking about here? 

    Last night as I watched the big fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, I noticed how very powerful both of these boxers are in more ways than one.  With their impressive skills and strength, the intensity of this sport is something to behold.  Where I saw the real power was after the fight.  I loved when they communicated to the world, and I mean both fighters, that they were thankful and thanked their Higher power which is God.

    I was so very happy to hear that they rely on a power that is higher than their own human power.

    What a testamony to the world it is when people express that they do not do it on their own. We all need to thank Jesus and our Heavenly Father for our successes, as well as for life itself.

    Good job, guys.

    We here at give all thanks to God for everything.  We are praying to pass on the good news of God's power.