Power of Honesty and Clarity

  • I am an actor, a singer, and even artist of the brush. Yet.. my journey as a screenwriter has allowed me the surprising further option of sophistication in growth. It's my opinion, that through life's experience and knowledge, we're gifted this great opportunity to communicate a higher platform of "CLARITY". Not just to others, but for ourselves. You may be asking yourself how or why "screenwriting" has relevance in this topic of Clarity, so I'll make it "clear". When i was younger, i thought i knew a bit of everything. Sound familiar?? Sure. Most all of us feel the swellings of "know-it-all" as kids and young adults. However, before long, it becomes painfully obvious to us, just exactly how much we DON'T know, and how those shortcomings usually play a large role in our bumps and bruises along the way. True?? Of course. It wasn't until i began screenwriting about a decade ago, that i finally discovered at long last love for opening my dumb mind up in ways that would enable my fuzzy vision to become more than one or two-sided. There simply wasn't enough room in there for drawing creative pictures that would stimulate a reader or audience's viewing pleasure. I knew i had it in me, but i had to really free myself from narrow-mindedness. It was AMAZING how the ideas not only started dancing off my hungry brain and mind's eye, but how effectively striking my writing became.. more colorful, radiant, scintillating, interesting, and very moving... but what began happening most of all, was my "thinking and abilty to separate layers of thought and ideas from one another" became stronger than ever! Now, I'm certainly not implying that everyone should suddenly turn to some magical expectation of becoming screenwriters, but more encouraging the NECESSITY to find "your way" toward obtaining that powerful tool. I suddenly realized a power of Clarity that made it possible to CONTINUE being creative... CONTINUE being able to "see clearly". Needless to say, developing this part of my mind and attitude, made me not only a better artist and creator.. but a better human being. I now live my life with the foundation of clarity. Clarity gives us power.. rest.. freedom to keep progressing, so that life's roadblocks don't keep us repeating sameness, and having to restart again and again. I do this, not just for the sake of being better at things, but because I believe God gives us ALL the opportunity to explore and embrace it. I know you will too.


  • Tony  London
    Tony London Goodness... reading back over what I'd written earlier, i sure hope none of this seems self-absorbed or overbearing. :/
    Simply wish to share the great value of clarity, and how much it can impact one's momentum and growth. I feel fortunate to have figured...  more
    February 3, 2016
  • Ashley A Miller
    Ashley A Miller Not at all Tony! Very personal, humbling and encouraging for those entering this same area of their life!
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