Powersharing - let your light shine

  • Let your light shine.

    This is one reason Powersharing exists...let your light shine and may it become brighter and brighter.

    We are created by an awesome Creator and His love shines in those who love Him and love others.  Those of us who believe in the power of sharing are excited for the future, especially as it relates to a better use of the internet.

    Our prayers are for our new kind of site to be a place where its members receive spark, receive inspiration, receive encouragement and ultimately, receive resources.

    Imagine that.  Imagine a new kind of online community that shares most of what it receives with its members, be they individuals or non-profit entities such as churches or schools.

    We appreciate and applaud businesses like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and others.  That said, we are working for the day when, God willing, Powersharing can be a good example for them of a website that shares most of its revenue with its members.

    The internet can do even more to lift humanity.  We pray for the future in hopes that our Father God, His Son, and His Holy Spirit will have even greater impact on a greater number of people here on earth.


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