• Powersharing.com is a place that brings out the best in you. It helps you follow your dreams and passions through faith.  Whether you are having a good day or not so great of one, it's a place you can count on to pick up your spirits.

    How is it different from other sites?  It is a place where people build each other up, not tear each other down.  It is a place where people have passionate, loving hearts and want to reach out to people by sharing their lives to improve others.

    A positive surrounding with uplifting, creative, talented people can bring out the best in you and make a big difference in your life...and in others.  We believe God has a purpose for our lives. Success is not an accident.  With faith, you can reach your full potential.

    How else is the Powersharing business model different?  It is designed to share at least half of its gross income with its members whose content receives hits and helps it grow.

    Although this site is in the beginning stages, it is positioned to grow and show a new model of sharing that empowers people.  It is designed to be a source of inspirational, motivational, encouraging content with the potential for financial gain to its members who help it grow.

    We invite you to come on board with us, share your own power, and join us in our task of showing how the internet can be made to be better.

    Let your light shine here at www.powersharing.com!



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