The Holy Spirit | the Spirit of Healing

  • I used to be a little uncertain about the healing power that the Holy spirit possesses in this day and age. I used to think it was part of biblical History and that it simply couldnt occur like it did in the stories we read in the bible. I have heard stories, even watched it happen in events on television, But I still had my doubts. 


    I attended an event last year called Christian Muscician Summit, and I remember accidentally stumbling across a couple workshops there, that had more to do with the holy spirit than the instrucitonal classes I have taken in previous CMS years. I remember first feeling this sense of peace, and then this calmness, and almost numbness. A spriital high. I was still a little embarrassed to throw my hands up in this room and start singing out loud with the spirit but I prayed and surrendered that fear to the Lord. The Holy spirit took that away and I was able to worship freely. It was an amazing feeling. I released that sprit of fear in the hands that knows how to replace it with His spirit of Confidence. Complete holiness and seperation from anything wordly took place. 



    Later that evening a christian singer, song writer, kathryn Scott entered stage for her concert and she stopped it midway to let us know that the Holy spirit wanted to heal. That there were people in the room that needed healing. She began to pray SPECIFIC prayers over SPECIFIC joints, bones, organs, mind, and body. I remember that night being the first night I was 100% a believer of healing. We had about 4000 people in the room, and a few came up who battled specific joint pains, bone problems, and mind such as fears and worries about something that had happened to them or has paralyzed them from living the way they could. That night was INCREDIBLE but the next day was even more.


    I took Kathryn's workshop the next day.. I was the last one to enter and it was full.. only 40 chairs.. I thought there was not enough room for me. sure enough one of the guys from my band {only 8 came along from our church and I hardly saw any of them that weekend}  called my name "Ashley, over here, I have an empty chair" IT was in the front row! So I sat down and I was face to face w Kathryn Scott, one of my favorite christian singers of all time. She had this irish accent, was seriously the sweetest and cutest woman, and she spoke about faith, and the holy spirit. About 15 minute into it, she stopped and started to pray. Dead silence. She smiled and said theres more healing the lord wanted to do, IN THIS ROOM. only 40 of us! She asked us all to stand up and put our hand on the spot that needs healing, then she began to pray out loud, yielding to the Holy spirit. She would pause and pray siliently then pray out loud.. she prayed for a specific bone is someones back in the room that had been broken from a truck accident, and she prayed for someone in the room , a young boy who has lung failure and is battling, she prayed for someone who has nightmares and fear in the night , fear he will have a heart attack because his father and brother both died from one.. , she prayed for other ailments, and someone with heart issues, one with a brain issue and a couple other back issues. She spoke specifically; medical terms, she never even knew. She asked us to sit down and those that felt healed to stand. She said sometimes it take a few days to fully be healed but if we felt anything to stand. .. sure enough we had about 12 people stand. Woman started crying, peace filled the room. I put my hand on my lungs and my heart, since i was battling my own personal issues of bitterness and it had made my heart a tad hardened, as well as runner's asthma as a child, and the last two years of bronchitis. I could feel tightening in my chest directly after her prayer, and I also felt so much peace. more peace and more joy than ever before. Before that though... the most amazing stories took place. We had one woman who was hit by a truck and paralyzed from a bone piece in her back being crushed, stood up was able to walk straight and walked right to the front of the room, crying and praising Jesus. I have never ever seen that before. Then a younger boy maybe 16 years old, stood up and started breathing.. inhaling and exhaling.. he said he had been through chemo and was going to go back tomorrow to the doctors for another treatment for his lung cancer.. he said he has never been able to breath in and out without coughing. His pain was gone, and he couldnt believe it. a few others come forward crying that their back issues had dissipated, and my friend {who was about 45} next to me who called me over to sit with him, was the one Kathryn prayed about that had nightmares every night.. nightmares he was going to have a heart attack. So He stood up and told everyone His brother passed away recently from one and his dad also did. He struggles with fear and cannot sleep, wakes in the night from fear and anxiety, because he has had heart pain and it is paralyzing him and interferes with his sleep and his mind. He told us his anxiety is gone, he didn't feel it anymore. I went up to Kathryn after and told her I could feel something happeneing in my lungs. She told me to give it a few days and watch myself heal. 


    I went home with a new softened heart and outlook on life, I could see things the way God saw them again. I even got up a couple days later , a couple early mornings in a row {in Winter still}, and went for a run. I ran up a hill and down one in the wind and cold for over 7 miles. No pain no burining {which happened everytime I ran} I could breath with no pain. I remember feeling pain start to come in other joints and such but not a tad of pain in my lungs. I couldnt believe it! -But I did!... It was an experience I will never forget. He was telling me He is gracious and He is faithful even when I forget. I remember being on my knees the night before during a christian concert in Seattle, right by the stage crying, and praying. Asking Him to forgive me for doubting in Him, and forgetting how far He has brought me.. AND I remember for the first time I could clearing hear His voice. He was telling me ... He has always been here.. and I could sense he felt bad for me. He was sorrowful and wanted to show me Grace. So he healed me and let me witness it. It grew my faith, and He didnt have to do that. In the midst of the loud bands and the thousands of poeple in the audience, He was speaking to me as if it was a quiet intimate conversation. I surrendered it all to Him that night. I wasnt even embarrassed to be there in front of my pastor and band and the other thousands. It was a great feeling, and a one in a lifetime experience.



    That story I wanted to tell, because I wanted to give you an idea of how powerful our God is. It was something I didnt have to witness, and I didnt deserve it. This is One little story of the billions of times He has showed up in a person's life when they didnt deserve his His Grace and love. I do know one thing.. There is no better place than in His presence. none. He is the only ONE that keeps His promises, and that truly knows our hearts desires. Not our desires but What our desires are- as in how we are wired, what we need, why we are here and what truly fulfills us. I didnt even know. Only by identifying myself to Him, I was able to see that. And still have a ways to go. 


    **I wanted to add some more insight, resources, scripture, etc. to open up what He says about healing, and just Who our God is and where we fit in to his Plan.



    I Corinthians 12:4, 9, 11


    What is it that distinguishes the children of God? What is their glory? It is that God dwells in the midst of them and reveals Himself to them in power (Ex. 33: 16; 34:9, 10). Under the New Covenant this dwelling of God in the believer is still more manifest than in former times. God sends the Holy Spirit to His Church, which is the Body of Christ, to act in her with power, and her life and her prosperity depend on Him. The Spirit must find in her unreserved, full liberty, that she may be recognized as the Church of Christ, the Lord’s Body. In every age the Church may look for manifestations of the Spirit, for they form our indissoluble unity; “one body and one Spirit” (Eph. 4:4).


    The Spirit operates variously in such or such a member of the Church. It is possible to be filled with the Spirit for one special work and not for another. There are also times in the history of the Church when certain gifts of the Spirit are given with power, while at the same time ignorance or unbelief may hinder other gifts. Wherever the life more abundant of the Spirit is to be found, we may expect Him to manifest all His gifts.


    The gift of healing is one of the most beautiful manifestations of the Spirit. It is recorded of Jesus, “how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth... who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil” (Acts 10: 38). The Holy Spirit in Him was a healing Spirit, and He was the same in the disciples after Pentecost. Thus the words of our text express what was the continuous experience of the early Church (compare attentively Acts 3: 7; 4:30; 5:12,15, 16; 6:8; 8:7; 9:41; 14:9, 10; 16:18, 19; 19:12; 28: 8, 9). The abundant pouring out of the Spirit produced abundant healings. What a lesson for the Church in our days!


    Divine healing is the work of the Holy Spirit. Christ’s redemption extends it~ powerful working to the body, and the Holy Spirit is responsible both to transmit it to and maintain it in us. Our body shares in the benefit of the redemption, and even now it can receive the pledge of it by divine healing. It is Jesus who heals, Jesus who anoints and baptizes with the Holy Spirit. Jesus, who baptized His disciples with the same Spirit, is He who sends us the Holy Spirit here on earth—either to keep sickness away from us, or to restore us to health when sickness has taken hold upon us.


    Divine healing accompanies the sanctification by the Spirit. It is to make us holy that the Holy Spirit makes us partakers of Christ’s redemption. Hence His name “Holy.” Therefore the healing which He works is an intrinsic part of His divine mission, and He bestows it either to lead the sick one to be converted and to believe (Acts 4: 29, 30; 5:12, 14; 6: 7, 8; 8: 6—8) or to confirm his faith if he is already converted, He constrains him thus to renounce sin, and to consecrate himself entirely to God and to His service (I Cor. 10:31; James 5:15, 16; Heb. 12:10).


    Divine healing tends to glorify Jesus. It is God’s will that His Son should be glorified, and the Holy Spirit does this when He comes to show us what the redemption of Christ does for us. The redemption of the mortal body appears almost more marvelous than that of the immortal soul. In these two ways God wills to dwell in us through Christ, and thus to triumph over the flesh. As soon as our body becomes the temple of God through the Spirit, Jesus is glorified.


    Divine healing takes place wherever the Spirit of God works in power. Proofs of this are to be found in the lives of the Reformers, and in those of certain Moravians in their best times. But there are yet other promises touching the pouring out of the Holy Spirit which have not been fulfilled up to this time. Let us live in a holy expectation, praying the Lord to accomplish them in us.



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