• These books are my on my "to read" list!  I have heard high reviews of these top 5 books. That they are the best of the best, so I'm giving them a go!  Have you read any of these? ... I was encouraged to get back to reading, as I have taken a little break from it, so this is my new bucket list and I will be challenging myself this summer to get through it. I'm EXCITED! 

    1. "Heaven is for Real"

    i'm sure you have all read or have seen the movie but for myself, what is better than to start off reading a story of a small-town family and their son's account of heaven? This book shows that the innocent, child-like faith is one of the surest ways to have an amazing relationship with God.


    2. "A World Away: The Quest of Dan Clay: Book One"


    "A World Away" is about Dan Clay's adventure to find his long lost brother. He had recently received information on the history of a nearby forest and after analyzing the facts and legends, Dan thinks his brother fell through a portal and is being held captive in a parallel world. This series follows not only Dan's quest, but also encompasses what life could be like after death. I have heard critics also raving about one; I really want to read it! 


    3. "The Screwtape Letters"


    In this book, C.S. Lewis complies a set of letters showing the correspondence between a senior devil, Screwtape, and his nephew Wormwood. Throughout the letters, Screwtape gives insightful advice instructing Wormwood to tempt a human (the patient) away from heaven and closer to hell. This book not only points out the simple ways humans are tempted and fail to reach their fullest potential, but also sheds light on these temptations so that we can overcome the obstacles and see that God's grace and love reaches far beyond the powers of hell. THIS is going to be ordered this week! I Cannot wait to read!


    4. "The Boy Who Met Jesus"

    This book is about a 15-year-old boy, Segatashya, who was born penniless, illiterate and uneducated. He never set foot in any sort of church and had never opened a Bible, yet Jesus dared to come into this boy's life in 1982 and ask him questions that have consumed mankind for thousands of years. Jesus wanted to work through Segatashya to remind people how to live a life that leads them closer to heaven. This powerful account spread across the world as Segatashya's simple words touched even the coldest of hearts. Some even claimed that they were witnessing a modern day miracle. I feel like this book will take me to a place I have not felt in a long time... I'm eager to dip into this one!


    5. "Between the Savior and the Sea"

    Last but definately not least, This book is a novelization of Jesus' public ministry. Bob Rice brings the Gospel of Mark to life and gives these sacred words a tangible and meaningful taste to them. Rice is able not only able to shed light on some of the teachings throughout the Gospels, but is also able to bring to light the importance of St. Peter. As with any well-written work, this book will leave you wanting to deepen your relationship with the God who loves you unconditionally. I just love the Gospel of Mark... I always find treasures each time I read the gospels in the NT. I am really forward to this book! 



    If you have read any of these, I would love to hear your thoughts! I am so happy with the work the Lord is doing. He is amazing and never failing. Lover of our souls and lifter of our heads. 

    Blessings xoxo

    Chat soon!




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