Lola Mae kept the faith!


    Losing our sweet 4 year old friend, Lola Mae to cancer last week hurt but left quite an impact to those around her. After FIGHTING for her life here on earth and a bittersweet rollercoaster between rejoicing and crying -for nearly TWO years...  She went to see Jesus.   This should be a hopeless, dark, medical failed story, but it wasn't; Lola created a team of prayer warriors, who stood faithfully by her side and trusted God to take care of her and what we also started to see, was Him working in our lives in specific ways. Our spiritual walk and the reality of Life after death illuminated. We saw Lola's faith grow, and we also saw those eyes that witnessed hers, grow too. We saw parents remembering to hug their little ones, and teach them about how precious they are in His sight. Our prayer nights with our boys became much more passionate; we prayed for Lola, and her family and also for these boys to grow to know how beautiful our Lord is. We also saw God's power soar beyond this world and our own expectations. We prayed for healing here on this earth, but also prayed for the Lord's Will in this. What He planned we will trust. We realized we dont always know why He does what He does, but that we can trust Him, who is worthy to not only carry us through but to for His glory to shine as well. Our God wants himself to be noticed, for our good and his.  He knew what he was doing when he sent His son to die for us, even though Mary cried and cried for her son.. she trusted that through His death, the world's most tragic event in History would bring beauty out of the ashes and the world to their knees. Those that believed would be saved forEVER. 


    A trip by Make-a-wish Foundation, last month. She had a blast! 


    I witnessed so many people: moms, woman, children, and families' faith GROW through Lola's testimony. Lola stood faithful and she knew Jesus. Her story went viral as soon as their parents announced the horrible news. We made bracelets, and t-shirts that read #lolamaekeepthefaith. They kept their supporters updated through blogs, social media, and throughout the community.


    Even though her life ended on this earth so early... it goes on still for eternity. Lola reminded me of my salvation. How far I have come, and how lost I became through my silly life trials. I remembered just then to NEVER throw my confidence in the Lord away! But to Hold onto it, becuase there is nothing in this world that can replace it. Nothing.  And That is the only thing we get to take with us when our time is up. The Lord will ask us why we should be in His kindgom... I want to give him a pure humble answer.. I ran the race, and got through it but only through Jesus and the pain and humiliation He suffered in my place. I dont deserve it, but His Grace saved me and MY trust got me through the obstacles. I want to honestly say that. 

    Her parents shared their jouney with all of us, friends, families, strangers, because they wanted us to see Jesus's work. It was more than the physical health here on Earth. To TRUST. to have FAITH is what will get us through the good and the bad times.. all of the times actually!  I tell my children they can have a priviledge if they do this chore, or obey at this meeting or sit still during this church sermon.. and my friends -our God does the same with us.. but the only difference is... His priviledge is for eternity; never changes, nor forgets,  goes BEYOND our expectations or anything we could ever imagine, and can never be taken away. Salvation is what saved ME from a life that would otherwise be self seeking, and only for my own temporay satisfaction. I would always be searching for the next best happy thing. I wouldn't have the Lord to hold onto. {His Will, His Way, Always}  

    Lola's life lives on for eternity in Heaven. Her parents know this... and so do all of those that were touched, surrendered their life to Him, and were reminded of their salvation.


    always smiling and happy.


    I know for me, Jesus saved me NOT from hardships in life but from the condemnation of what happens AFTER it....Thank you Lola for your life and reminding me that this isn't our home here on Earth. We are just passing by and one day we will see Jesus face to face like you get to right now. 







    Hold onto Him and be Blessed friends!