• I feel sometimes in life, I want to make sure I am not living on the surface. I like to go a little deeper. Take myself out of the equation. I want others' to know It is the Lord and I want them to know truly who He is. 
    I met a girl the other week, who needed a friend. She is new to WA, moved from NC, and grew up in Beverly Hills before that. She's adopted, and is different than a lot of girls here in Gig harbor. I gave her a chance. Turns out her husband was a child Actor, on most shows I watched as a young girl. Turns our His mom who got him into acting was a Broadway dancer. They took such good care of me yesterday in Seattle. It was their first time there. They took me and Jana to a concert, treated us out to an Italian Dinner, and just spoiled us. We didn't have to walk in traffic or park or anything. Jana told me the first time she saw me, I stood out to her, she saw something in me, unlike anyone before. She said I was so alive and so joyful, then she saw I had two little boys with me, and couldn't believe It. Well, I would've never known any of that about this girl, if I never gave her a chance. 
    I know it's Jesus who people see, because I know what He has done for me. I know I am nothing without Him.