HAPPY Saturday! I wanted to share some things I have learned from my mom growing up and over the years. I know there are more but these ones really have left an impact on who I am today.  Thank you Mom! I love you! 


    1. Work hard and be responsible.
    2. Always keep your commitments. Do what you say you are going to do.
    3. Haste makes waste.. take your time.
    4. Choose your friends {and boyfriends} wisely.
    5. A neat appearance is important and respectful to those around you.
    6. To pay extra attention behind the wheel.
    7. Think outside the box.
    8. Be nice to everyone.
    9. Enjoy beautiful things.
    10. Always tell your kids you love them.
    11. Say Please and Thank you.
    12. It’s okay to stop for potty breaks on the road, don't get impatient when your kids have to go.
    13. Toys are good for kids.
    14. If someone is gossiping about others to you, you can be sure they’re gossiping about you when you’re not around.
    15. Have fun on the Holidays. Don’t stress them.
    16. Don’t sweat the small stuff, enjoy life.
    17. Routine is good.
    18. Prep for the next day.
    19. Wear sunscreen and avoid tanning beds.
    20. Buy classy clothes that wont go out of style.
    21. Know yourself and know your limits.
    22. Early to bed and early to rise.... 
    23. To blow-dry my hair upside down for more body & don't over dry the ends.
    24. Always go with light foundation for your skin.
    25. Brush your hair
    26. church every Sunday.
    27. Always pray before you eat.
    28. Sometimes life isn’t fair.
    29. Eat the right foods.
    30. patience. Let kids be kids.
    31. Listen to your intuition.
    32. Know your own style and be comfortable with it.
    33. Laugh, --it's okay to laugh about silly stuff.

    34. Enjoy classic movies and shows {i.e. I love Lucy}.

    35. Take care of your needs. 

    36. Have a heart for animals. 

    37. Don't be rude to others. It isn't kind and makes you look bad.

    38. College is good but make sure you know what you want and not just because everyone else is doing it.

    39. Be creative.

    40. Include your younger sibling in activities.