• What skills do I have to offer and why is this important for me to know? This can be a hard question for most— well I know I can be my worst critic. I like tea, so similar to a tea aisle, you have various brands, styles, flavors, ingredients, etc. I usually choose a tea that fits what I need or want. I know when I purchase, I have an idea of what I am getting in return- usually something I really want and that benefits me.


    The Packaging
    The packaging of the tea is certainly the start. Eye-catching colors and descriptive words will draw attention -- ultra calming, energy boosting, 100% organic— all the things consumers are looking for. The content/wording is what will be the most important. Using words that open up interest.


    The Ingredients
    The list of ingredients -- (or skills)
    I am writing down some skills that I have right now….. you should try it!

    There’s a book I found that addresses the main three skills in categories.
    • Skills learned through past experience and education (knowledge-based )
    • Skills you bring with you to any job (portable skills).
    • Personal traits - the things that make you who you are

     Just for fun, you could divide a piece of paper into three columns and label them with "previous experience," "portable skills" and "personality," Getting words on paper is one of the most difficult steps of putting your "ingredients" list together. But this is a great exercise!


    Another great thing is to actually take an assessment which I always find fun. I met with a Business coach at a photography workshop I took last March and she encouraged us to take the Gallup Strength's test. It is about 30 minutes for the Top 5, and I just took it today. I would encourage you to try it! You will also have insights behind each strength of yours. Pretty interesting. 

    I will attach a screen shot of my results :)




    So I think however you do it, overall knowing about YOU, will be the foundation to knowing your purpose and capabilities.(- think of the tea aisle.) This insight is great to have if, say, I plan on writing a bio, summary statement of myself for a job resume, or to just to remind me of what I am capable of. My worth and objective in life is a great foundation to any strategy I will have in my life.

     I think God given talents, if you are aware of them, are your story. You are able to do immeasurable things by knowing it. Those that find you also know this and that will develop success in your business, friendships, and relationships.


    I was just curious about skills and strengths today, and didn't realize I would end of writing about it. Hope this was a little interesting. :)