If you could write a poem on patience, what would it look like? Where does "patience" speak in your heart, in your life, or in your circumstance? 


    patience is a consideration, something examined and contemplated. We use it intentionally and need it to accomplish a goal. It brings purpose, it brings hope. It is always working for us, always pondering and always seeking. 


    "There are still pieces to my heart i need to fix
    and i am still searching for ways to mend
    my broken wings that has kept us apart.


    there are parts of me like missing puzzle pieces
    to find.
    i own many things, but if there's one thing
    i don't, that would be time.


    at times my head is a storm of emotions;
    thunder and lightning are all i hear
    but in the storm i hear your voice;
    and know that you're near.


    i'm the girl, who's transparent, her heart on her sleeves
    who smiles bright like the sun, and although rain

    pours down, she ties up her shoes for this run. 


    but wait; i promise you'll see the masterpiece i am

    for i am of many dimensions
    and through my eyes, you will see
    my thoughts forever, as starry constellations.


    As a photograph is a work of art
    all i ask is for you to be patient;
    to see past this heavy cracked heart."



    I don't typically write personal pieces like this, but felt like writing a little today. Patience is something we often say we lack and need more of for ourselves, but i hardly ask of it from others. It is almost like asking for forgiveness. It is a humbling and daunting task and i think we could let fear creep in for reasons such as rejection; not wanting to hear the answer, but that is what keeps us knowing the right direction. 










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