• Hello!! I had touched a little bit about the benefits of Social media Marketing Vs. Traditional marketing. I also took a mentorship class with a social media marketer. I am here to add to my list of the benefits SMM provides. Be ready, there is alot! 

    1) Show your culture

     Showcasing your company’s culture on social media can have its benefits as well. You can use social media to reinforce your brand’s vision and mission, commitment to employee development, and share your company’s journey. It is not necessarily the product as much as it is the culture behind the ONE that is selling the product.


    2) Credibility building
    People are most likely going to buy from people/companies they follow. Create a trustworthy foundation first, and create believers in your product.


    3) Enhance Brand Image
    When people connect with your brand on social media, you can enhance your brand image and tell your story. By communicating the meaning of your brand and sharing your story, you can establish an emotional connection with buyers.


    4) Increase Brand Recognition

    It is important to increase the awareness of your product or service. Consumers are more likely to select a product that they are familiar with.


    5) Growing Long-Term Audiences
    While on the subject brand equity, it is important to note the long-term benefit of growing established connections. The followers and fans you attract are with you forever.


    6) More Traffic your way

    No website can survive without traffic. By increasing your website traffic, you are likely to increase your sales. Social media can be used to deliver relevant traffic to your website.


    7) Boosts engagement!
    By increasing customer engagement, your brand can open the door to gaining repeat purchases. In addition, the two-way communication style of social media allows you to grab your customer’s hand through the buying process. You’re able to answer product-related questions, develop deeper relationships.


    8) MORE word of Mouth
    The more engaged your customers are, the more likely they are to refer your product to a friend.


    9) It’s so much more cost effective!
    Social media can deliver thousands of relevant clicks to your website at low costs, which increases your profit margins. In comparison to Google AdWords, recent research indicates that social media advertising could be more than 10x cheaper than bidding on keywords through Google advertising. You can spend 5 bucks and reach hundreds of people.


    10) Geotargeting
    Geotargeting is targeting people who are within a certain mile radius of your business location. For brick and mortar companies, geotargeting is extremely important. Very few advertising sources can pinpoint people within a 10 mile radius of your exact business location. Social media happens to be one of them. Geotargeting will help you attract more walk-in customers, drive more purchases at sales events, and build more loyalty.


     11) Identify Target Audience

    It is important to know who your target audience is. But, what if you don’t know? Because social media is so data-rich, you can analyze your competitors, to find them!


    12) You area able to track your results
    The reason why social media advertising is so efficient is because it is trackable. You can measure sales, website traffic, email subscriptions, and most importantly, the effectiveness of your social media advertising efforts


    13) In pulls in more Customers
    With the power of social media shares, referrals, and word-of-mouth, many indirect sales may result from social media. For example, there may be situations in which someone who learned about your brand on social media referred a friend to buy your product or service. Google Analytics and other sophisticated analytics system may not be able to trace sales like this back to social media.


    14) Customers will come back
    On average, it costs 4 to 10 times more to acquire a new customer than to keep a current one. One way to encourage client retention and repeat customers is by engaging them on social media. By posting relevant content, staying active on a daily basis, and deepening your relationships with your customer base, you can remain top of mind when your customers are in need of your product or service again.


    15) Intro to new products and services
    You can spend very little money to expose your new product or service to thousands on social media.


    16) Transform Your look of your Website
    Your website and social media presence should work together. Adding social media widgets to your website can dramatically improve its performance. You can include links to your social media channels, sharing buttons for visitors to share your website, or embed your entire social media feed into your website so that people always know what is going on.


    17) Increased Social Shares & Backlinks

    A social media share occurs is when someone shares content from your website or your social media channels that includes the link to your website. Backlinks are links on other websites that points to your website. In the past, backlinks played the largest role in increasing organic rankings.


    18) More Brand Mentions

    A brand mention is simply a mention of your brand on social media. Research indicates that brand mentions also influence SEO rankings. Social media can be used to increase your brand mentions. With great content, a growing following, and solid engagement, your company can leverage brand mentions to increase your organic rankings on Google.


    19) It Educates Your Target Audience

    The more informed your prospects are about your product, the more likely they are to buy from you. Social media can be used to inform and educate your audience about the benefits of your products or services. By posting informative blogs, highlighting testimonials, and product reviews, you can educate your target audience on social media.


    20) Reach Hundreds and Thousands with Event Hashtags

    It is important to use hashtags for your events because it is a way for people attending the event to interact with each other. It is also a way for prospective attendees to view a live stream of the “hype” or interactions around your event. Because of the viral nature of social media, the friends and followers of everyone who uses your event hashtag will see your event as well. If you can encourage people to use your hashtag, you could double the amount of organic awareness of your event.


    21) Your Customers are on There
    Your brand needs to stay in the eyes of your customers. In this day and age, your customers are on social media.


    22) Checking your brand out!
    Roughly 68% on consumers check out a company’s social media presence before buying online. If your brand has a small presence on social media, potential customers may be turned off. As consumers are getting smarter and doing more research before purchasing, it is important for your brand to have a sound presence throughout the web.


     23) Open Communication (Two-Way Communication)

    For the first time in the history of marketing, brands can engage in two-way communication with consumers. Print, radio, television, and billboards have never provided brands this benefit. This gives brands the benefit of deepening relationships with consumers.


    24) It’s Real-Time
    Your brand can capitalize on real-time events and deliver a relevant message to the right person at the right time. You can shape a brand-related message around real-time events as they happen.


    25) It’s 24/7
    There is no clocking out on social media. You can leverage it all day, every day. Brands have the opportunity to respond to customers as soon as an issue arises.


    So there you have it, and this is just SOME of the benefits! I just LOVE being educated with tools I use on a daily basis anyways. My goal is to use my time on Social media wisely and effectively; to meet my goals, establish relations, to be intentional, and get my brand out there for the unexpected engagements to reel in! 

    I hope this helps, as I am so excited to be able to share this with you! Hope you all have a terrific evening! 


    Chat soon!


    xo Ashley