• Hello!

    Have we all experienced the 3 p.m. lull that makes an unwelcome appearance in our daily life? I normally would have turned to my caffeine for the solution but I am desperately seeking new ways that do not involve running to my caffeine container. Here are a few things I have tried, and they have really worked for me! :)


    Smell the citrus.

    Yes, I love the fresh smell of Lemons in a bowl on my counter. I remember as a little girl I would take a few sips of lemon juice to wake up or give me some energy before playing sports, or just before I played outside with my friends after school. I now just love the smell of them!


    Just go outside.

    There’s something about fresh air that feels invigorating — just the kind of pick me up I need when I’m feeling dazed. Which I can feel dazed a lot. I am so effected by nature. There is nothing like God’s art.


    Work in increments.

    It can be hard for me to stop after I am working on something but I was reading some studies and experts suggest that working in 90-minute bursts may help us be more productive in the long run because they give our minds a rest.


    Go for a jog/run.

    There’s nothing quite like exercise to get your blood and brain going. Getting a quick work out releases those endorphins and makes for a way more productive day. Not to mention, feeling good in my jeans:)


    Take a snooze.

    After just 15 or 20 minutes I am amazed at how much more I am alert and focused. It really does help me take on the rest of the day with vigor. I used to sleep for like an hour, but would wake up more drowsy. I think it safe to sleep no more than 20!


    Do some quick thinking.

    It may seem counterproductive (and like the last thing you want to do), but research shows making some split decisions may actually increase your energy. When you’ve hit a wall, try scheduling a brainstorming session…? :| It wakes my brain up!


    Music is always the answer.

    Take a mini escape into the world of music. Get lost in the beat and then come back to take on the rest of whatever it is you need to take on. I don't know what I would do without my music. ahh, a life line.



    Power through the day with some H20! When I feel a little dehydrated, it usually leaves me feeling pretty tired, so I have been drinking more and more water throughout the day. I know we all can forget to do this, so I bring a couple water bottles with me everywhere I go. I mean everywhere.


    Posture is everything.

    Sitting up in my chair or having a straight back when Im driving or working in the kitchen really helps wake me "back" up again.


    Leave your desk.

    I think Ive mentioned this before in a blog post but we all need a break. This involves leaving the confines of my workspace to give myself some mental clarity. I have to get out of my space and get some fresh air or just see something different.


    Please don't think I have mastered this, because I sure haven't. But these things have helped a ton! I usually go every other day with no caffeine, and split the amount of caffeine in half. I have nothing against caffeine but I am eager to me not having to rely on it in order to get up in the morning!