Hey! So what happens when a wedding photographer, who started in the industry after she got married, starts contemplating what she would have done differently in HER personal wedding?

    I was obviously unaware of what wedding photographers were capable of. And well the rockstar ones can do just about anything. I’ve seen it.  I have also developed friendships/relationships with vendors such as Dj’s, Hair and Makeup artists, Florists, Jewelers, Dessert Caterers, and Designers. I have a renewed appreciation for all that goes into a wedding. And my eyes have been opened up to a whole new world. And I like it, but sometimes I feel I wish I knew the things I knew now, then. Ya know? 


    If you are getting married or know someone who is, or are just interested in what a wedding photographer like myself, would have done differently in her own wedding- Here ya go, friends. :) 


    1) I wouldn't of worried about seating charts at all!


    2) I would’ve had a Bride and Groom "first look" moment before ceremony! Best photos! 


    3) Although appreciated very much, I would have not let my mother in law hand craft my invites, they would've been more my style with professional calligraphy.


    4) I would’ve hired a better Photographer/Videographer. When I say better, I mean one that kept all events aligned, and communicated with vendors to keep it all running smoothly, and whose photography style actually fit ours. And produced high quality images. 


    5) I would have kept my wedding small and intimate. We had over 350 people.


    6) I regret not taking more family portraits, and would have loved filling out a “day of” questionnaire with assigned portrait groups before the day of wedding. 


    7) The band would've been different. I would've invested in a much more reliable band and better music. 


    8) I would’ve wanted to be a part of the planning more… I let my husband take over since I just wanted to be married, BUT if I could do it over again, I would've been more intentional with my thoughts on style, theme, look, vendors, location.


    9) I would’ve kept in touch with bridesmaids and spent more time with them before the wedding.


    10) Would’ve done some PINTEREST! If it existed, I would’ve been all over that for inspiration!


    11) I started seeing a classic chic trend in dresses a few years after mine, and thought I would’ve LOVED to wear one of those ones!;)


    12) Not to make decisions under pressure, to take more thought into them, before just going with it!


    13) I would’ve locked in a venue before the other details.


    14) If I wasn't so young and bad at planning, I would’ve asked for personal recommendations before hiring vendors. We had a lot of DIY friends who pitched in as well, which I was very grateful for but I wish I would've stepped into it a little more to feel more a part of the actual decor and personal touches! I dig that sort of stuff now. If I could do it again, It would be fun to find get ahold of those vendors that inspire me!


    15) I would’ve written down some personal vows. I cry happy tears at those weddings. 


     There you have it! I don’t regret how my wedding went, there were alot of beautiful highlights, but like I said, being in this industry now, I often think about it. I would be lying if I said I didnt “oohh and aahh” at just about everything. And the beautiful art that is produced? Ah, it kills me. One of the best things about my newsfeeds on social media and the walls at my friends' houses!  

    It would be impossible to not think about those things. Sometimes I dream of being a part of a stylized wedding just for the pretty + stylish photographs to put up my walls {and Blog about}. <3