• Do you ever run into the right person at JUST the right time? I do this every single time.


    Tonight as I was driving, I decided to stop in at Starbucks real quick. I walked in and instantly saw my old neighbors, who live across the street from my old home, {Ashton called "mamas house"} sitting down together at a table. She stood up and said.." you look beautiful Ashley..  almost the same as I remember you." And She invited me to sit down. The husband who is in his 90's, has lived in this same home for over 70 years. But more than that, Doris and Bernie's spirit ring so much life. Bernie is passionate about the time he spend in the military and goes on and on about history, and life stories, ....and Doris's eyes just light up when she speaks. She speaks about life, purpose, how to keep going and to never give up. Also, I have to say, she is the most prettiest 80 yr old Ive ever seen. Dark brown hair-always done up fancy, piercing blue eyes, prettiest full face, ...seriously an Elizabeth Taylor. I used to see her walking down our country road, while pushing my babies down the street in the stroller, and she would stop everytime to chat. She would look me straight in the eyes, and would want to know how I was doing and how the boys were, and how life was going. She would honestly tell me if she was having an up day or a down day. She was genuinely interested in my life, and connecting, from the very first conversation. She was there and remembers me pregnant and right after delivering my second baby, and also witnessed a turn in our life, when we lost our business. She remembers my tears as I said goodbye to her. She knew how hard it was for me. Ashton, a 3 yr old toddler, went through a series of emotions when we had to move. He still tells me to this day, that he misses "mamas house" and our old neighbors. And Daniel was just an infant... who was just getting adjusted to his little nursery.


    I see her and her husband now and then in Gig Harbor. But tonight, there was such a need to see them. She can see right through me and always has the most encouraging and loving things to say to me. I never have to say a word about anything. She has told me for the last 4ish years to please stop by and see her. She still has our picture on her fridge and thinks of me daily. She tells me how beautiful I am but most importantly how beautiful my heart is to her. She says it starts there. She said whatever I go through in life, to know God will see me through it. She told me a story when she was little; she had a hard childhood at times,  and she had a mean step mom. She told me at a very young age she would find her "out". She said she would look outside her window and just watch the green grass. She would just stare at it, and notice how vibrant it was. After looking outside, she just knew life would be okay. She told me at the time she didnt understand why she was able to do this and then feel okay. BUT she knew when she got older, it was a way to find her place. She said we all need that "place" to go to.


    There was alot more stories I heard tonight, and her husband, was cracking me up with his, but this was mainly what made me leave with a huge smile and a happy heart. I am so glad I stopped in at Starbucks!