• Hello!!


    Have you ever felt that you are not “there” yet? {me raising my hand! }


    When I do things in life, I do them whole heartedly. Mainly because I know how much I want them.
    I have always felt growth in my life, and I have a mind that dreams like crazy, so I have a passion to live with intention. Since I was the age of 4, I used to ask myself, why I am here. I always questioned the meaning of life from such a young age. I always thought it was so interesting. I thought it was weird to have such big thoughts in such a little body. Fast forward about 15 years later and I found out WHO was knocking on this girls heart. WHO the lover of my soul is. God. I grew up hearing about Jesus, but never knew Him like a friend. I can honestly say that this was HIM telling me to keep going, and to keep finding. And I never stopped. Sometimes it required doing things that I naturally would not have done, but only by faith and out of my comfort. He always lead the way. Sometimes I made mistakes, and He even knew how to use those mistakes for the better. 


    I can feel that where I am now and where I will be in 3 years will be a completely different chapter. I will be forever glad that I stilled my ears enough to hear. Because of this, my faith only grew stronger. I have never lived with regret because I know I wouldn't be the same person. Every aspect of my life, has been a stepping stone to something much better. I feel equipped each time. 

    I believe that there is a wonderful road ahead for each one of you! I think it is important to seize the day, enjoy every moment, good or bad. Personally, I am a life enthusiast, BUT I am even more excited for what God continues to reveal to me in this journey.  So whatever “there” means, I know it is yet to be fulfilled!