• Hello!


    I had been thinking back on my childhood, my neighborhood, my friends, the activities we used to do, and games we used to play. I wanted to share some of what I remember.... If you were a 90's kid, maybe you remember when…


    1 You had the entire collection of Goosebumps.
    2 When you miraculously found a pencil grip in your desk so your hand wouldn’t hurt anymore, whew thank Goodness.
    3 The song, …I got in one little fight and ma mom got scared, and said you’re movin’ with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air…
    4 Your jam was the Macarena and Electric slide.
    5 You played Heads-down, 7-up at the end of gym class...
    6 When you proceeded to write all over your arms with Gel pens before schools started.
    7 You had wrist slaps in all colors and patterns!
    8 We put on obstacles in our neighborhood like “Gladiators”.
    9 You loved Bob Ross, and his awesome tree painting skills.
    10 You had a life size doll but got sick of, in my case spray painted her face. Sorry mom.
    11 The Mary-Kate and Ashley movies were the greatest thing that ever happened in life.
    12 Four other Greatness-es: Recess, Full House, Fresh Prince, and Saved by the Bell.
    13 You were determined to live in a mansion and have 20 kids playing M*A*S*H.
    14 Your Nintendo stopped working so you tried blowing in it.
    15 The moment you realized you had an extra “Gusher” left in it’s package. Yes!!
    16 When Britney and Justin were dating and all was well
    17 Trading pogs were life-changing decisions.
    18 You were defined by whether you were an N*Sync fan or a Backstreet Boys fan..

    19 The “S” logo was only created by those of intelligence
    21 In computer class you were taking turns playing the “Number Muncher” game.
    20 The Zebra Fruit striped gum just couldn't compare with anything else on the market.
    22 Singing in the fan and hearing that awesome voice in it.
    23 When you discovered how to type certain words in your T9 graphing Calculator, and chuckle about it in class.
    24 You would decide on which Spice Girl you were.
    25 PO’d at Rose for YEARS for letting Jack sink down in the water with the ship.


    What a fun time to be a kid, and I am realizing, although the hair and clothes I would never welcome back, the 90's were not all that bad, (...well if you don't count that directing part in the Titanic)


    Chat soon!


    xo Ashley