Today, my son Ashton asked me why a smart phone is called a "smart" phone. So I tried to answer him with the best answer I knew. But It got me thinking.. what would life be like WITHOUT society's most depended upon invention? Some thoughts crossed my mind ...


    1 There'd be no selfies….. {wha??!!!}
    2 We wouldn't pretend to avoid people by looking down at our phones….
    3 No google at the go
    4 No constant chatting with friends----> thumbs down, but less car accidents ---->thumbs up.
    5 No portable chargers
    6 People would be in the moment, enjoying present life
    7 More communication; eye contact
    8 We would eat our meals faster {not having to document dinner…. or dessert.}
    9 I would get lost daily without my Navigation app.
    10 Wouldn’t have to worry about responding to an email right away
    11 Wouldn’t be documenting my kids as much {*frown face emoticon}
    12 This world would be slower paced, but not in a bad way
    13 Life would probably be similar to the 00’s with just laptops, but maybe getting smaller and smaller, lol
    14 I don’t think multi level marketing would be as dominant without the easily accessible virtual parties
    15. Nokia would most likely still be the coolest cell phone on the market.

    Im pretty sure there are more... 

    If you have anything to add, I sure would be interested to hear! :D


    Chat soon!

    xo Ashley


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  • Reggie Salazar
    Reggie Salazar Nicely said, Ashley! Unbelievable how our phones affect life on earth as we now know it. We hope and pray websites like PS can rise up and make life better for lots of people everywhere.
    March 23, 2016 - 3 like this