• I'm writing this letter to you both at the end of the day. I’ve given you everything today, and I am ready to rest my head. Today I’ve fed you, bathed you, dressed you and got you prepared to start to your day. There are dishes and laundry but I do them because I love you. I read you books and I do art with you. I love pretending to know what Starwars Lego Characters you are talking about, and love being excited with you. It was fun hunting for your little character juice boxes at Target today. We went grocery shopping together, and I enjoyed that. We went to a shoe store and tried on shoes to fit your little feet. I was patient when you threw a fit because I love you. We are working on being thankful for what we have. Sometimes I don't always hear you the first time, and I apologize. Tonight I wasn't able to sing to you, and cuddle with you as you were with your grandma tonight. I am sorry sometimes things in life can be difficult. I am grateful you two are healthy. I remember every night while you were babies, singing you to sleep and just watching you. I used to sing "The Tree Song" to you and miss that. I think I will start again. You both are fearfully and wonderfully made. I remember when you first said “mama.” I remember when took your first steps, and stepped foot on your first beach.

    My precious children, sometimes you might think I’m not always patient or that you don't feel important, but I’m here to tell you that you are. And you always will be. When I’m too tired to read or I am frustrated when you both are fighting. It is my issue not yours. You are human. We all have been there. You have seen me at my worst. You have seen me cry. I have seen you cry. It has been your little hands and hearts that have brought me to my knees. I have learned through your lives that there is always someone more important than myself. Serving you, although rewarding and beautiful, can leave mommy tired, but Joy comes in the morning. Each and everyday. Serving you has been the best thing I have ever experienced.You little souls remind me to put others' before myself.
    You have no idea now, but you are teaching me to lean hard into the moment that will shape my character. No matter how hard the situation may become, you are teaching me. I am being refined into something more beautiful everyday, because of you.
    Before I had you I was told that children are a blessing. They were right, but I didn't understand what they meant. My eyes are on you now. My heart beats for you now, day and night. When you are in pain, or life is hard for you, I feel what you feel. When your feelings are hurt, my heart hurts with yours. When you experience something new and I see you light up with excitement, I am your cheerleader. I am excited too!

    Today I am celebrating the greatness of being your mom, Ashton and Daniel. I don’t want to be honored for the things I have done. I want to honor the one who hasn’t given up on me. When mom isn't perfect, and things get hard, I want to thank the Lord for Grace. When I have become impatient, I thank the Lord that through His forgiveness, you both forgive. I am Thankful for the work the Lord has done. My beautiful children, you are a Blessing because you point me to the one who is Kind. I see Jesus in your eyes. 

    I will Love you Always....