AM I ....HOME?

  • What makes a house a home? Everywhere we look, there's another expert telling us what the answer is.. from new this to you must have that. The feeling of being "at home" can't be bought. It comes from an intimate relationship between our space and us. We shape it how we like. It is not the “money” or how quality the furniture piece.. but the time and creativity we put into it. To make it our personal space. Sometimes theres this worry about what a home should resemble. We will look in Traditional Home Mag or whatever other Home decor mags are out there, and feel like we need this look. To me, a home’s importance is determined by how they make us feel, emotionally and physically. I think for myself, figuring out how my home could nourish me and my family, is far more important. Your home could be a studio or a mansion but if it makes the foundation to a better life, then that is a “home", I think anyway:)
    I think the demographics and location can matter too. I love me a fresh, clean environment, if I can help it. We live an active lifestyle for the most part, and the way the area looks around truly affects me. Overall, my home is where I feel myself in and where my kids feel their sense of security, and being.



    xo Ashley 


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