1. You keep trying, and don't let yourself take breaks.
    I know this is something we all have dealt with at some point. But it’s okay to take a break. Pamper yourself. It’s okay once in a while. I find that if I am not happy in general it will reflect in my business/home life.

    2. You are unique.
    You are not like others around you. You stand out in some way that is different. I think individuality is meant to be empowered. This is what enriches our world. So... I think it is GREAT to be YOU. 

    3. You are generous, and give back to the community.
    You work your hiney off and STILL find time to help others. I find that this method gives myself new energy. I am revived by helping others. It pours back into your own life.

    4. You love Community.
    Whether it be a community blog, or a live community in your area, you are putting community first. This is the BIGGEST Blessing to me. I have grown so much more since I’ve invested my time reaching out, learning, connecting, and welcoming others.

    5.You have goals, and believe in growth.
    Your hope is alive and well, and you let others know this too. You encourage others to keep moving and dreaming. This makes you a wonderful, wonderful friend, mentor, and person.

    6. You have a caring heart.
    You are Worth it because You care for others. You want to give back. You are a leader. You are WORTH taking time out to go for a jog, or treat youself to some Fro-yo. Being good to yourself will keep you balanced and your spirit alive.


    Do you know you are worth it? You alone. You were created on purpose, and YOU were given so many Blessings in this world. Find those Blessings and enjoy them! .....Please. Once you recognize your worth, you will prosper in life. Believe it and see it. 

    xo Ashley