Hey! Have a question!! When I start Blogging, how in the world am I going to get my readers to WANT to share my content? 


    The New York Times Customer Insight Group,  has discovered that there are five key reasons people decide to share something with others. This study on the psychology of sharing and word-of-mouth movements uncovers an important opportunity for marketers, who want to do a better job growing their audience. for my business, I am my own marketer, but by this strategy others’ are able to market my business as well.
    I am still in the process of investigating WHAT part of my content people will be interested in sharing, and WHY.
    These important insights may not only help myself but maybe be of interest of you.

    How can I get more people to share my content?

    Relationships are key. Most people are share based on similar interests but also because, they know, and trust you as a person. So far in just my young years of Business, I have found this very true.


    1 To bring valuable and entertaining content to others.  49% say sharing allows them to inform others of products they care about and potentially change opinions or encourage action
    2 To define ourselves to others. 68% share to give people a better sense of who they are and what they care about
    3 To grow and nourish our relationships. 78% share information online because it lets them stay connected to people they may not otherwise stay in touch with
    4 Self-fulfillment. 69% share information because it allows them to feel more involved in the world
    5 To get the word out about causes or brands. 84% share because it is a way to support causes or issues they care about

    To me, content has a lot to do with the readers ability to reach out to another reader, then it does just helping themselves.

    Where do I begin? Where should I go? Well, Im breaking it down!


    1. Bring Value To Your Readers – Every Time
    If my readers are sharing content they know and trust, I need to ask myself,“what are my readers getting in return for their time they spend visiting my contnet? Are they wasting their time, or does it add value to their time?

    • I need to make my content unique
    • I need to make sure my posts are more interesting than the last similar subject.

     2. To define ourselves to others

    When reading a book I can relate to and trust, I am able to quickly identify myself with it. That is huge, and makes the experience so inviting. I need to consider while writing content if my readers will be able to identify in some way to it.

    3. To grow and nourish our relationships.

    We want to connect with people on social media, I know I do. This is something that is important for us all.
    Marketing my Content will need to consist on how this is going to connect a reader with another reader and so on.

     4 Self-fulfillment.

    It makes us all feel pretty good when after we share someones content, or post, and in response we get a thank you by the blogger. To personally and intentionally answer any comments or thank a reader for sharing is so important for so many reasons. It will invite them back and also invite others to share for that valuable acknowledgment as well.

    5. To Get The Word Out About Causes Or Brands
    Basically my readers reasons for sharing is hopefully based on the fact that it is something they can relate to, or are proud to share, or can trust.

    My goal for this year in Blogging is to work on good content but in order to do so, I must make sure my content is unique, inviting and will provide some value to my readers.  fair? ;) 

    Hoping some found this info helpful in some way, it helped me. Its fun to me, to be able to work side by side and share some back end thoughts with you! Thanks for Listening!


    Chat soon!

    xo Ashley