• Hello! I have been working on scheduling out content and working on my personal blog for my new Website, and I wanted to share what I have so far for my blog post, it is not done yet

    <<<I wanted to introduce myself and open up a little more. Since some of you who are visiting my site for the first time do not know me that well, I wanted to introduce myself to you! Here are 10 facts about myself, those that DO know me may not even know.

    1 I have freckles and change my hair color often. {anyone would know that}
    2 I was the first to get a job in my class. Safeway hired me at 15.
    3 I have a Hawaiian Step mom who is a Hula Dancer.
    4 I sing in a small church band.
    5 Although I went to Nursing school, a year later I moved to a State college and switched to Business.
    6 I worked in the second tallest skyscraper in Seattle when I was 19. {almost tallest}
    7 I used to climb mountains. for fun. {scary!}
    8 I have a famous sister. and mom too.  
    9 I ate Snails and steak tartare in Denver once.
    10 I ran into Jennifer Garner two days in a row. Different places.


    I hope you find my blogs engaging, rewarding, and inspiring. I am thrilled to start sharing with you! I want to hear your thoughts and ideas. Please feel free to comment below, or email me. Let me know what you liked and what topics you would love to read more.>>>


    I will insert photos and maybe add in more personal life details about what I love and what my goals are for this year and new area in Blogging. 

    I hope I didnt bore anyone too much, this is just important I try to start off by bringing a little interest to the table first. 


    Thanks for listening, Chat soon!


    xo Ashley