• Having extra time to reflect can easily become a foreign language to me. I have been able to catch up, and I feel renewed. This time has made me truly respect those that have children, and I can see how not having that time to yourself, can cause a little bit of an Identity crisis. You can quickly lose sight of the whole picture. Although I feel like something is missing with my kids away on vacation with their grandparents, It has also given me time to figure out just what I have needed to figure out. It gives me a sense of freedom I can be filled back up to be the Mom and Wife I need to be.


    Lets try something new and different, I saw a little blog post the other day, and it was talking about Awaking your senses. I would like to try this when I do have kids as well, but I wanted to practice this with you right now.

    We were made with Purpose. Our senses are here for a reason. He wanted us to experience a part of his divine nature. A taste of the awesome that we have yet to see or imagine.

    Imagine for a moment, your five senses…

    Now think about how your soul feels when you take the time to actually delight in your senses and awaken them.
    • You hear your favorite song, that feeling when you hear it.
    • Taste your most beloved dessert, how it makes you super happy.
    • Smell the scent of a flower you love, how it instantly uplifts you.
    • You see beauty, That moment you see God’s creation or pretty decor.
    • You touch an exquisite fabric, or fur of a pet, the softness of it and texture.


    After I awakened my senses, my soul delighted because the Creator of the Universe is the One who made our senses.  He’s our Creator, He Created Beauty.

    I am on my way to Worship practice, and I will be awakening my ears to words I really need to hear. He is so Good, and made us so special. He loves us, even when we forget. 


    Chat soon!

    xo Ashley