You may know alot of about Life Insurance, and maybe more than I, but if you are one to hold off now, I am here to tell you are not alone. I am working on getting on board like my husband did. It is never too early.  Here are some common Myths I have heard regarding life insurance. 


    (ONE): I have Life Insurance through my employer.
    What if you move jobs?

    (TWO) I have no kids 

    You might not have people depending on you financially but what are you leaving behind? If you have debts or you know your family isn’t too well off, the payout you get could help with that and any funeral costs.

    (THREE): I’ve got a mortgage insurance from my bank - no need for anything else

    Mortgage insurance will just pay off the rest of the mortgage. If you have a family, will they be able to afford the other expenses it takes to live?

    (FOUR): My Husband/Wife/Spouse, is our main income, they have life insurance.
    Even if you are not bringing home income, what do you do at home? Are you staying home with your babies? Do you look after the home? Who will do that if something unexpected happens? This is where it becomes convicting to me. I know my husband could use extra help with the kids, and home even when I am away for a weekend. 

    (FIVE): The government will take care of my family
    It is a very limited amount you would receive by the Gov’t, theres not alot of wiggle room. There are certain criteria for allowances and such, but it wouldn't go very far, barely make up for one comfortable income.

    (SIX): It’s ok, I’ll just invest my money. That should do it, right?
    This is very risky, almost like gambling. To not truly being able to predict the future can result in a scary situation, if things don't turn out the way you think they would.

    (SEVEN): I’m not going to die anytime soon. I’ll do it later
    The younger you are the cheaper it is, which is more reason to start while you are young. I dont know how long I will live either. 

    (EIGHT): I just can’t afford it
    It is really not that expensive at all. Some start as low as $5 a month. 

    Most life insurance companies are there to help and not try to take your money or make your life more complicated. Life insurance companies are obliged to pay out when all conditions are met.
    I would definately read the small print before signing up with any company though! We have found a great company from Dave Ramsey's book Total Money Makeover. I would encourage you to read it! 





    Chat soon 


    xo Ashley