I got to visit a sweet old friend today. She got a little head start in life, thus a bit wiser than I. She just turned 86.

    Since I was a teen, her prayers, tea time, smiles, love for Jesus, and sweet letters, captivated this teen’s soul and made my heart want to know more. She shined so bright in her little ocean town. It was hard not to notice Kay. Her heart to serve and care were her biggest attributes, and everyone around her knew it.

    When I am around old woman that are wise, happy and enjoy the simplicity of life, it makes me want to pursue those things. It makes me excited for this part of growing old. Her and her husband Don BOTH are amazing people. Was Blessed to just listen to them. 

    Before I got up to leave, Don started praying and prayed for my trip back. Kay, who could barely walk, offered to put my running shoes on and tie them. haha. {I didnt let her-they take a while to put on} She told me she loved me and hugged me a million times before I left. She also said I made her whole day! I would be a zombie if I didn't cry. It was such a happy tear moment.


    I got up early and drove about 6 hours round trip. But it was worth every mile! 


    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Thank you for listening. Hug or buy a coffee for a lonely person tomorrow, if you can:)



    Chat soon!

    xo Ashley




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