• First off I want to say Happy Ash Wednesday! And also, by about this time, I get tired. I am up early and like to get things done before the kids get up. But the worlds still turning by 2:30 when I feel dead. So what do I do? How do I finish my day strong? Here's some ideas I wanted to share, if you can relate with me: 


    (ONE) Go for a quick jog outside or even hop on your treadmill – You will get some exercise in, get rid of tension, and raise your heart rate giving you more energy. The benefit of going outside is you may need a little Vitamin D in your system, which is great for energy.

     (TWO) Work in your yard– Take your tension and aggravation out on weeds in your garden, prepping your beds for spring, or even just picking up the kids toys in the yard! Yard work provides exercise just like a walk or jog, and you will feel a sense of productivity.

    (THREE) Run an errand – I love to go to the grocery store alone, I rarely go in with my kids , haha. I enjoy browsing and also taking trips to various cafes are my favorite. Sometimes just getting out of the house or office for simple errands can be just the break I need!

    (FOUR) Get pampered – Every woman likes to be pampered and in ways that will perk you right up!

    (FIVE) Dance – MY FAVORITE! Turn up some of your favorites and go crazy with your kids, by yourself, or with whoever. Just dance! I love music and its a way for me to wake up quickly! It will get your blood pumping!

    (SIX) Read a book or magazine– Shut down your brain and just read something for fun. Recharge your battery by just relaxing! For me, I often read inspirational devotions and my bible plans are great to reflect on.

    (SEVEN) Get a healthy snack – Sometimes you just need some food to refuel and instead of reaching for a candy bar or cookies. I like anything with a little protein in it!

    I am going for one or two of these right now, and I will be back! ;) 



    Chat soon!

    xo Ashley