The Struggle is real | Rejection is real.

  • Well Im sure we can all agree and say that rejection really STINKS right?!

    But what is worse is not even trying.
    Sure, you're safe when you don't try. You can't get hurt if you don't put yourself out there. No one can tell you that you're not good enough. For me, I tend to almost get to that point… then I stop. Because, when I look at it from other side, I would end up with nothing. Actually paralyzed. And I don't want that.

    The trick with building a successful business or even a portfolio, {or even help building a community as a leader} is not taking anything personally, as hard as that sounds. This applies to many things in life, from jobs to relationships to a random person in public that treated you harshly, to even writing BLOGS.

    I have to think of them as an un-feeling type entity. They take some things, they reject others. we must look at it from a learning + marketability, point of view. How can I grow from it, instead of taking it as a personal punch to the gut or slap in the face. I have had to set my outlook to this. WE must.

    The only way to start making money, is to just start putting yourself out there, and viewing feedback, statistics, others perspectives, etc. as CC.

    If they don’t like it... read the reasons why, learn and keep growing. Keep rolling forward. Keep trying. Keep improving.
    Do that, and by this time next year, you'll be way ahead of where you thought you'd be.
    With that in mind… Today is the end of this season…. we are starting a new season. If you are confident with your brand/style/look/theory/process/etc. Keep finding ways to improve IN this. Dont forget to be you. But remember we are here because of the people too. Thats what makes a business.

    I, myself am learning this middle ground balance. I don't have all of the answers, and I probably never will. But as style and technology changes, I have to allow myself to be adaptable. Keep WHO I am, my style, my priorities and purpose, but know there will be changes in certain tasks. I have to constantly ask myself, “if I was on the other end, what would I like?” Also keep in mind some people like their tea black, others green. And yours in Earl Grey. Dont adapt that way. Just learn in all aspects. "How would I like to be treated?" could be an appropriate question to ask yourself, in those cases. 

    Rejection is something I struggle with. I think it effects all of us. But I think in particular those that ARE self critics. Its okay to make mistakes. When I tell myself that, It takes a lot of pressure off. Then, when something does come my way, I won’t be expecting the rejection, therefore, have a stronger foot and wiser viewpoint to setting on.

    Yes rejection stinks but so does exercise when you start. I want to encourage anyone reading this, or that will in the future, that YOU'VE GOT THIS! No matter what age, background, experience you have. This is coming from an almost 32 year old mom from Gig Harbor. If I can grow in my business, {or whatever it is}... YOU can!  Keep going, use any “rejection” as a healthy step to take you to the next level. 

    One other thing this lines up with a bit: Be kind to yourself and others. No matter what. It will speak mountains of your worth. You are worth it! And you were made to move mountains. 

    Chat soon

    xo Ashley