• I am seriously thinking about getting a Deskcycle! If you do not know what one is here’s some on Amazon!

    The more I grow in my business the more I am working at my desk, and I am serious when I say I am thinking about this bike. PLUS I spoke to another photographer after complaining that my behind was getting numb from sitting and I don’t want an “editors booty” haha, so He mentioned that he does this, even watching tv.

    I was reading a blog post written from Harvard Business Review, and this is what they said:

    “Studies indicate that our mental firepower is directly linked to our physical regimen. And nowhere are the implications more relevant than to our performance at work. Consider the following cognitive benefits, all of which you can expect as a result of incorporating regular exercise into your routine:
    • Improved concentration
    • Sharper memory
    • Faster learning
    • Prolonged mental stamina
    • Enhanced creativity
    • Lower stress"

    Studies have also indicated a reduction in mood swings, elevating you to a much “happier” level. That is where I want to be and stay! I perform better after working out. Even if I am getting up at 3:50am to squeeze in a gym visit with my favorite girls and getting home in time to edit, answer emails and wake boys up for school. The knobs in my head start turning though and I keep jumping to the awesome idea that exercising WHILE I work would be not only be beneficial and boost my performance but also be a pretty sweet way to bring time management to a whole new chapter in my world.

    Okay so there you have it! Go ahead and check out the rest of the article from HBR, and in the meantime I will be shopping around for my deskcycle!

    Chat soon!

    xo Ashley