LISTEN : be intentional!

  • Listening—it's not as easy to come by. It's often uncomfortable to really hear somebody else's point of view. Especially your children. You might hear something that challenges your belief system, You might hear something that will make you want to change, or even something that requires you to sit back and take a deep breath and just be patient. When it comes to listening to your kids, sometimes the words don't always get out as fast or as clear as you intend.

    TIP for myself: There’s only one rule for being a good talker: Learn to listen. 

    (1) Listening carefully is how you gather information about what's going on in your child's life and head.

    (2) Listening effectively builds strong relationships.

    (3) Listening thoughtfully shows respect.

    (4) Listening is always the first step in solving problems.

    (5) Listening to your child's perspective will teach you in a lot of areas. Our children are smarter than most of us think.

    (6) Listening to your child all the way through their sentences. It challenges my patience but one attribute I am eager to accomplish.

    Here are the keys to improve your listening skills:
    • Listen first.
    • Always listen.
    • Create a special time and place for listening.
    • Use active listening.
    First, Listen
    Listen first, and listen well, before reacting. The true story may take awhile to get out. I have started counting in my head… 1-2-3… it does help folks!
    Always, Listen
    I know there’s a lot going on around you, and if you are like me with a little case of ADHD, you can easily become consumed by the many distractions around you, that come with life. Always find the opportunity to listen, as hard as it sounds. Kids are emotional, and sometimes, well, never organized. It is hard for a child to come out at the right time to tell you something “important”… sometimes their important thing is that Landon their four year old wrestling teammate, pushed them, in wrestling. This will usually slip out while you're on your way out the door to a client consultation, or making a left-hand turn into the most dangerous intersection in town, or checking that the eggs on the stove have not burned yet. Trust me, when you're least prepared is when the most vital information will slip from your child's little lips.

    Remember to ALWAYS make the effort to be intentional while listening.


    I sure hope this was helpful, relative, and will voice that in life, there are struggles, and we get wrapped up in the busy in this world. But my ears can listen to the quiet whispers too. If I just let them. :)


    Chat soon!


    xo Ashley