• Hello! I wanted to share with you all some ways that help me become more productive while working from home. Here they go! :)

    I must wake before my family wakes, or the wheels in my head will never turn. The most focus I receive is when I wake up a couple hours earlier than my family/kids. I am well prepared and have had a little head start to the day. Sometimes This is getting up at 4am to go to the gym, and other times it is getting up by 5:30 to start working on my website or editing a wedding. Or some days its all of the above: Gym, Work, then Mom. ( Monday, Wednesday & Fridays are long days. )

    The way you feel is reflected by how you look, and if you look professional you will ACT professional. My yoga pants are comfy, but I usually am not most productive on those days.

    Set your hours and yes, do not mix it up. Chores, spending time with friends, hanging out with kiddos, family days, answering emails, phone calls, community events, etc, should all be separate. I usually stick to my 7-5pm office hours. I will get up by 5:30am to prepare for my day. But my office hours are my office hours. Everything else, is everything else. Organize your hours, and stick to them.

    Looking at your computer screen or sitting in the same room ALL DAY, can become tiresome, and quickly drain the life out of you. You are not at your most creative stage when you reach this, so stepping outside can really revive that. Going for a quick walk, a look around in your garden, meeting up with a friend for lunch, or going down to the nearest cafe for a coffee break, are just examples of what could help refresh your spirits.

    Be self-disciplined in making sure you limit your time on social media, or answering your phone notifications, emails, etc. This can quickly suck the time right out of the day. Try sticking your phone or tablet in the other room for a little bit. Walk away from your computer and do something else for awhile. Out of sight out of mind.

    Theres a lot of perks from working at home… switch up the scenery.. when traveling, your environment is your office, so take advantage of it. If you a tired… grab your tablet, a cup of tea, and sit on your couch in front of the fireplace. If you’re sick…work in bed. If you are restless, jump in your car and go down to your favorite place; cafe, jetty, park. Switching up your surrounding is the beauty behind working from home. This can quickly make your time exciting and your mind ready to continue working.


    These are just a few ways that have helped myself become more productive. I hope this has been helpful and that if you have not already, would give it a try! If you have anything to add please add to this. We are all here to share and be encouraged by each other!


    Chat soon!

    xo Ashley