Yesterday, we touched base on ways to prepare yourself before deciding on WHO and HOW you should collaborate. Today I conducted a list of WHAT you can do with Collaborators. Here is a little list that Im hoping will give you more insight. This has helped me tremendously in this new season of mine.

    What are my options for Collaborating?
    Once you’ve identified local businesses you want to work with, what should you do to collaborate together?


    (ONE) Sponsor in Local Events
    Sponsoring local events such as community gatherings, non-profit fundraisers, sports teams, and industry events is a great way to work with other local businesses and build awareness for yours.
    This not only helps you drive interest from each business’s customer base, but it also helps when adding budgets, offers, and promotional efforts around one common event. Shopping days get a lot of buzz and could really be a hit in the right direction.

    (TWO) Cross-Promote with Coupons + Offers
    Another way to collaborate with local businesses is to create special offers and promos of your collaborators. For example, you and another local business could both offer a special discount for each other’s business to your customer base.
    (THREE) Co-Market
    Another way to collaborate with local businesses is to co-market your services in specific efforts. For example, a health spa could work with another local business such as a medical clinic to create a guide on health and wellness trends, each business contributing their expertise, their logo, and offering this premium content to their customer base. This is my thing, but swapping blog posts is really what it is all about. It creates great SEO, and great resources for both yourself, collaborator, and consumers.

    (FOUR) Create Product & Services Packages
    Be that ONE STOP SHOP! Look at working with another local business to create special packages and offers to help solve a customer’s pressing need. For example, I am working with a videographer in developing a One package deal for clients looking for both wedding photographer and videographer. Of course, you’ll have to work out the legal details and logistics of processing payments, sharing fees, promotions , and creating terms and conditions, but the value of creating truly unique and customer-focused offers and packages with other local businesses can be well worth the effort and help set each business apart.


    I hope this has been helpful to you! Please add to the list if you have Collaborated with a local business. I would LOVE to hear your ideas, and see other perspective on this. 


    Chat soon!


    xo Ashley