I was on a conference video call this morning with another local business owner, and we went over ways our Businesses' could benefit in collaborating. We discussed our business parallels. We also touched base on some concerns of possible culture clashes, which are very important to consider before you make that move. It is wise to find a business that will benefit and will make both customers interested. It is for the health of your business. 

    I wanted to share what helped me in this meeting, and what material I prepared prior, in order to ask the necessary questions. It is for your clients, future clients and business’s best interest.

    Here are ideas for working with other local businesses so you can drive attention about why consumers should choose your small business while attracting more clients. Im learning as I go, so bear with me. These ideas are hot off the press.

    QUESTION TO ASK YOURSELF : WHO Should I Collaborate With?

    ONE) Find People You Like Working With
    The best place to look when collaborating with local business owners is your own personal and professional network. Which business owners do you genuinely enjoy working with? What local companies do you admire? Where do you shop when you support other local businesses? Do other local business buy from you? or use your services?

    (TWO) Think Outside the Box
    When it comes to collaborating with other local businesses, similarity can be your ally. It’s a good idea to start with other businesses that are like your own, because these partnerships keep everyone’s customers first. Here are a few types of partnerships to consider, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box and get creative with who to partner with.
    • Complementary Products + Services: What other types of products or services complement what you offer? Collaborating with businesses that your customers are likely to buy from based on their interests, purchases, and needs is a great fit.
    • Creative Parallels: What businesses are similar to yours but offer different services or focus on a different specialty?
    • Local Favorites: What local businesses do your customers/clients love? The cafe down the street?

    (THREE) Seek out “Frenemies” in the Same Industry
    Create a community event for your competitors, its a great way to work together and support a great cause, while bringing your customers and community together. For example,  my Photography Business, I am a part of a couple community over competition organizations, where local photographers come together and work together and support each other while creating ways to reach out to the community and create events and workshops. I am also a part of an organization for creatives all over the world, where we set up regional meetings and touch base on certain tactics that help our business grow and we encourage community to come together and help and learn from others small business owners around.

    Lets look at identifying YOUR local businesses. Power sharing is a great platform for getting the math done for you; finding potential businesses to work with right here in this network. 

    Tomorrow I’ll touch base on what we can achieve in these partnerships and ways to market, promote and simplify your objective for your customers/clients. We want our customers excited to hear about what we are offering!

    Its fun to work together isn't it?

    Chat soon,

    xo Ashley