BUSINESS + BALANCE PART 3 | Stages that Lead us back to order.


    BUSINESS + BALANCE | Stages that Lead us back to order.

    Yesterday, I touched base on a few things Ive struggled with. I was burnt out, and through rest I have been able to re-evaluate my priorites. But this is some feelings that resulted from losing touch with my original purpose behind my vision. What my priorities were, and how things can easily escalate. For my business life, it had to come to this to realize the change needed.

    These played out in a couple stages. Maybe we could relate.

    Stage 1. Not being sure of, or failing to remember WHO or WHAT defines you.
    • Not being able to nail down a vision statement and goals for your business
    • Having a lack of values and priorities
    • Ignoring the brainstorming or planning processes of starting a new project or business
    • Not defining what success is to you – practically, financially, and emotionally.
    • Being afraid to say, “No.”
    Then you’ll
    Stage 2. start allowing others to put you in a box and define you.
    • Comparing yourself to others
    • start allowing other’ peoples success to become your failures. When really they are not relevant.
    • Taking advice is great but when you start giving others’ opinion too much weight, that alone can weigh you down and make you think… “If only I could do this better…”

    After these couple of stages you could start allowing your BUSINESS/work to define you, Becoming paralyzed in your work, unable to make any decisions {I have DEF been here!}. I started to feel like I could never have enough hours in the day, and my relationships were treated unimportant pushed to the sideline, there was more absence from my community, when in reality my word of mouth marketing stemmed from my community. After my Priorities became out of order. 

    It is always good to sit back and take those needed breaks and through my "slow season" I was able to be lead back to my original order of priorities. 


    I wanted to close on a postive note, so I'll Jot down the list that helped me, again: 

    1 Write down a list of your top 3 priorities. Like, in life.

    For myself, God, Family {and family friends} then my Business, are mine.
    2 Take time to refine your vision for your business. It will be the inspiration and framework for your planning. This is where your goals will be based. Write it down on paper, which will help when you’re feeling overwhelmed.
    3 Remember that you will have to say “No.” and realize this is a good thing while at the same time it could be bad for business. I have to balance, and keep my eyes on my priority list.
    4 Make time for active rest and reflection. Getting away for some quiet personal time and re-evaluation is healthy for both your personal and work life.
    5 Read a book that inspires you. That challenges you. I could recommend some I love, if interested!
    6 Ask a close friend to hold you accountable. Allow other people in to challenge/encourage you!



    I hope this has been an encouragement to you, and if you feel like you have been here, could you let us know what steps you took? We want to hear it! Share your heart with us!



    Chat soon!


    xo Ashley