BUSINESS + BALANCE PART 2 | Lets talk about these feelings

  • BUSINESS + BALANCE | Lets talk about these feelings 


    Finding Business life balance is Challenging. I felt like I wasn’t enough. Or not doing enough. I am a wife, a mom of two young boys, and have been working part- time. At the same time, I felt like I was doing everything and letting everyone down. I wanted to have a social life and was feeling pretty unworthy. I wanted to say “no” without feeling guilty. I just couldn’t do it. Instead, I kept caking it on more. "sigh."
    I was at this place in my business where I would sit down at my desk on the verge of tears, and just feel sick to my stomache. My purpose was fading, I was drowning and feeling overwhelmed, and future seemed hopeless. I was starting to re-evaluate if I really wanted to continue this new adventure in full time Wedding Photography, I was swiching to. But then something happened, I didn't get bookings for awhile and it became SLOW and I was able to focus on my marriage and children. I began catching up with friends. You see in my field of work there is a “busy season” and a “slow season.” I hit the slow season. I became re-energized and my identity started to roll back in, and become apparent. It’s not that I wanted to quit, it’s that I was burnt out, I was tired and when things didn't go as planned, I would feel like a failure. I woke up one day and realized that there had to be change.
    Both my husband and I started our own businesses because we were passionate to create and had a vision to. We both are able to dream, and bring ideas to the surface, and if they are good, to life. That is the beauty behind having freedom in your line of work. But if we’re being honest, This work can become to rule us if we let it. Balancing our Business life isn’t just about our time. It’s about our stress levels, mood, confidence and relationships around us. We wrap ourselves in our work and work can start to define us. When we are the face of our business and brand, it’s hard not to make your job your identity. My, what once was a firm foundation, started to shake. Although we'll never be able to control what falls into our path, we must adjust it’s course sometimes.

    I find that when I’m struggling with Business life balance, I’ve lost sight of what defines me. Struggles = identity crisis.
    I will go in depth of some stages I personally went through {and still do}, HOW that ends up defining us tomorrow.  I will go back to our list of WHAT we can do to keep our heads up, priorities consistent, and lifestyles balanced. I encourage you to re-read it, write priorities down, and Let me know how that goes!

     Struggles=identity crisis , but Balance=SUCCESS, folks! I believe it! WE are rolling in the right direction! 


    Chat soon,


    xo Ashley