The Reason For This Journey

  • The reason for this journey is a personal thing. It is a process. It is work and it takes time. This is perhaps the main reason why many of us never find our life purpose. We want results instantly. Unfortunately, finding life purpose does not work that way. It is more a journey than a one-time stop. With this in mind, living our life purpose is considered to be an emotional and intellectual transformation during which we must focus on making great efforts to develop our emotional intelligence and our intellect through meditation and excellence in action... <Read More>
    We are not here to change the past and the inevitable. However, our reason for this journey is to be aware of the clusters of presence that make up our secret companionship. Bringing ourselves into a place where we can live life to its fullest with fulfillment, efficiency, effectiveness and with a heart at peace. We are also called to be the master of our thoughts every moment by becoming free to be in alignment with our true destiny, our individual life purpose. This will require transformational change in order to live our life purpose.
    W I N N E R S know their life purpose and they will actually LIVE the life they want. How? By embracing transformational change and a brand new life of fulfillment and balance.... The reason for this journey is to understand our life's mission and to... Click <Here> for the full article.
    Embrace Transformational Change and a Brand New Life of Fulfillment and Balance.  
    Written By: Windsor Lindor
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