Happy New Year

  • We are now coming up on a New Year and no question, in the New year and beyond, the only people who will get and stay ahead are those who develop the skills to work a great deal SMARTER (consistently). No question, SMART is the new RICH. The questions are: 
    • Are you SMART enough to find the richness of life you so richly deserve?
    • When would you be ready to do the work that needs to be done in order to live up to the true promise of your life?
    • Have you made resolutions to change the areas of your life that need it? 
    It has been said throughout history that what ever you believe, with conviction, you can achieve. The New Year offers you an opportunity to power up your performance by getting the tools you need to live life to the fullest. You deserve the best. Your best life is possible in the New Year. However, the first 90 days will be most critical to your success because they set the tempo for the New Year. Fail to get the tools you need to make real changes, fail to install new supported beliefs, fail to create balance in your life and you greatly diminish your future.
    • When would you give yourself permission to grow and live purposefully in the New Year?
    • Would you honor your agreement and choose success?
    • What would it take for you to create a Resolution Revolution in your life?
    First, a resolution is intended to be a commitment that an individual makes to a project or the reforming of a habit, often a lifestyle change that is generally interpreted as advantageous. This form of commitment normally goes into effect on New Year's Day and remains until fulfilled or abandoned. Sounds like a good approach, does it not? Like any good approach that starts with a good intention and is not carried through to the end, this approach will fail. We might have the best of intentions to make certain changes in our lives, yet we do not follow through on our resolutions.
    • What do you want for the New Year?
    • Why is it that you tell yourself you want certain things but you don’t take purposeful action?
    True this is your life.  It is also your responsibility. Thus, in the New Year, recommit to live life to its fullest and Live up to your highest human duty. Yes, You can. But you'll have to acquire the following agents:
    • Determination,
    • Courage,
    • Commitment,
    • Volition,
    • Resolve and Will Power to do the work yourself.
    By allowing these agents into your performance you will create a Resolution Revolution in your life for the New Year and beyond. It is also true that it can be challenging, but not impossible and you do not have to do it alone. It is certain you need a clear and focused game plan that positions you to be successful. You need information, support, and challenge to keep taking the actions that will POWER UP your performance. It is one thing to TALK about realizing your aspirations in the New Year. It is quite another to actually ACHIEVE them. With the above agents, you will be called to:
    • Stop dabbling at Success;
    • Know Your Dream;
    • Believe in your Dream;
    • Go beneath the surface and identify strategies for growth specific to your signature style;
    • Live What You Value Most;
    • Improve your sense of purpose and MISSION;
    • Give it all you have.
    Yes, starting right NOW! If you want to achieve greater SUCCESS and make every Moment of Your Life Special in the New Year, you might want to Give yourself Permission to honor your agreement and choose the road that leads to attaining the results you desire and deserve.
    • Can you identify the exact source of your greatest fear?
    • Are you holding on to limiting beliefs about yourself?
    • Which step forward can you take to reduce your fear and get on with your task?
    We get frustrated when we think and say we are committed to wanting something for ourselves, but no action follows that voice of commitment.
    The word commitment is the key to living your best life in the New Year.It also calls you to find the courage to open your door to be the artist you were created to be. You have been handed the blueprint. However, you must get the tools you need to discover an effective approach to making conscious decisions, those that will lead you to stop paying lip-service to your Commitment for a quality life by making rock-solid PLANS. Through this process you will begin taking responsibility for the authorship of your own life and make it matter purposefully through your personal commitment to put RESOLUTION into your Resolutions in order to move your hopes and dreams off the canvas and into your life.
    Are you taking the steps that will build your strength to make the changes that will TRANSFORM your dream into a reality? I challenge you to accept this question as a challenge for your New Year Resolutions; that is, to PROMISE yourself for the next 90 days not to get distracted with life's continual problems, fears and doubts. But rather, remain focused on the beauty of uncovering your heart's desires, your dreams and what gives your life meaning. You will also need to believe that you CAN succeed at whatever you do, as long as you simply take the right ACTIONS and live what you claim are your values.
    It is within you to make a personal commitment to make this New Year your best year. That is, to claim the POWER that is within you to declare personal FREEDOM to pursue the life of your dreams.

    As for now, may you have a New Year filled with 12 Months of Abundance (everything that is beautiful for your mind body and spirit), 52 Weeks of Inner Peace, 366 Days of Wisdom, 8784 Hours of Success, 527040 Minutes of Great Love and 31622400 Seconds of Happiness.

    Happy New Year!

    Written By: Windsor Lindor
    CEO, Executive Coach & Project Manager
      © 2015 - Windsor Lindor Consulting LLC All Rights Reserved.

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